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#1 Rated Pool Service in the Greater Sacramento Area. As a family of entrepreneurs who are passionate about customer service, we strive to be the best in the pool service industry.

About Us

pool cleaning Rich and Judi Lynch

Lynch & Sons is a family-owned business started by Rich and Judi Lynch. It has grown into a customer-oriented pool cleaning service. We provide weekly pool maintenance, equipment repairs and installations, green pool cleanups, pool inspections, and energy audits for individuals and families with pools in the greater Sacramento area.

Customer Focused

We started as a small family-owned business, and have grown over 15 years into a team focused on solving pool issues and providing excellent customer service.

Years back, our founder, Rich Lynch, owned a gas station/auto repair shop called Lynch & Sons Automotive. All four sons worked at the station while growing up. They then transitioned into another family business with the same focus on customer service. His knack for problem-solving and love of customer service crossed over naturally into the pool service business. Rich found that equipment repair and maintenance in the two industries were quite similar. They expanded on that knowledge and became very experienced and educated in pool service by attending industry conferences, participating in workshops/seminars, and taking certification classes.

Never fear that your technicians won’t show. You’ll return home to a door hanger that confirms we took care of you.

We have full-time office staff, so you can always talk to someone. This means your pool technician is not juggling calls for jobs. He can stay completely focused on your pool.

Dedication to Customers

“I have a love/hate relationship with my pool. I love to swim in it, but I hate to take care of it. Last summer we purchased a home with a pool; I didn't know where to start with the pool maintenance. Rich comes out once a week and takes care of's like magic and my pool is blue and sparkly all year long. I'd recommend Lynch and Sons every day of the week!”

~ Christine C.


“I have been with Lynch and Sons for 10 years. They are friendly and professional. They take wonderful care of my pool. I have Jesse that comes every week. I totally recommend this company.”

~ Linda W.


“I would like to commend Jacob for his good work and going above and beyond to help with my pool. He is always courteous and helpful and I appreciate his work. The pool is old and he keeps it in great shape. I'm grateful.....” 

~ Nancy L.


“I called Lynch & Sons in desperation after our then pool ‘service’ let our pool turn green. Roger came out, treated it and got it back to usable condition within a week. Since then, Roger comes like clockwork every Thursday. He completes a list of routine maintenance items without fail. He recommends any repairs we might need to avoid problems. He patiently answers my questions and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Lynch & Sons!”

~ Margaret F. 


Licensed Professionals

A lot of pool technicians don’t have contractors’ licenses. CA law requires it for installing anything over $500 – which applies to most repair/installation jobs. Our pool technicians are regularly trained by manufacturers.

As a midsize business, we have multiple technicians available. This means we’re always able to respond to your issue. If a technician is sick, on vacation, or attending training, we have back up. You’re always covered.

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Our customers have given us 115+ “A” reviews in Angie’s List. Read more about our commitment to customer service.

4 week Trial

For pool service, our rate is $34/week. For a pool & spa, it is $36.50/week. It may seem higher than what other pool services charge. Here are the reasons why:

  • We pay our technicians a good wage that keeps them loyal and wanting to do the best job possible for you.
  • We are fully covered by insurance (worker’s compensation, general liability, etc.).
  • We are a licensed contractor (most pool companies are not).
  • We use advanced technology that allows customers to communicate via phone, text, and email through a customer portal to the technician and the office.
  • We have over 115 “A” reviews on Angie’s List, as well as many 5-star reviews on both Facebook and HomeAdvisor.

We offer full service on a weekly basis to keep your pool sparkling.  Weekly service includes:

  • Skimming water surface to remove floating matter
  • Cleaning all pump baskets for pool(s) and/or spa(s)
  • Brushing pool and/or spa walls, floors and steps*
  • Cleaning all skimmer baskets for pool and/or spa
  • Treating water with necessary chemicals
  • Vacuuming dirt and leaves in pool*
  • Brushing tile inside pool and/or spa
  • Maintaining proper pool chemistry
  • Inspecting pool equipment

*As needed