Green Pool Clean-ups

Is your pool out of control? Have no fear, Lynch & Sons can get you swimming in no time.

Green Pool Clean Ups

In the Spring, many pools can turn green due to rainfall, pollen and other organic matter getting into the pool and changing the chemistry in the water. Our technicians have years of experience bringing pools back to a brilliant sparkle. Whether your clean up involves green algae, black algae, or dirt from the winter run off, Lynch & Sons will meticulously work to get your pool back up to working order. Typically the process includes 3 days of consecutive service where the technician will brush the walls/floors where algae resides and tests and treats the water with the appropriate chemicals to kill the algae and correct the water chemistry.

The average cost for a green pool clean-up is $250 which includes 3 daily visits (of up to 1 hour per visit) for cleaning, scrubbing the areas with algae, testing water chemistry, adding chemicals. The $250 also includes $25 worth of chemicals. Labor time, treatment requirements and chemicals used are tracked so you know exactly where your pool is at in the process.

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4 week Trial

For pool service, our rate is $34/week. For a pool & spa, it is $36.50/week. It may seem higher than what other pool services charge. Here are the reasons why:

  • We pay our technicians a good wage that keeps them loyal and wanting to do the best job possible for you.
  • We are fully covered by insurance (worker’s compensation, general liability, etc.)
  • We are a licensed contractor (most pool companies are not)
  • We use advanced technology that allows customers to communicate via phone, text and email through a customer portal to the technician and the office
  • We have over 115 “A” reviews on Angie’s List, as well as many 5-star reviews on both Facebook and HomeAdvisor.

We offer full service on a weekly basis to keep your pool sparkling.  Weekly service includes:

  • Skimming water surface to remove floating matter
  • Cleaning all pump baskets for pool(s) and/or spa(s)
  • Brushing pool and/or spa walls, floors and steps*
  • Cleaning all skimmer baskets for pool and/or spa
  • Treating water with necessary chemicals
  • Vacuuming dirt and leaves in pool*
  • Brushing tile inside pool and/or spa
  • Maintaining proper pool chemistry
  • Inspecting pool equipment
    *As needed