Quality Pool Maintenance

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

Our Weekly Service

The best weekly pool service available in the Greater Sacramento Area, period.

All of our services include the Lynch & Sons’ commitment to customer service and satisfaction guarantee. We do the job the right way, every time, guaranteed.

We only provide Weekly Full Service as an option (no chem-only or bi-weekly options) because if our name is associated with your pool, we expect it to be in excellent condition. Weekly Full Service is the only way to guarantee a pool stays in excellent condition.

Weekly Full Service Includes:

  • Skimming water surface to remove floating matter
  • Cleaning all pump basket(s) for pool and/or spa
  • Brushing pool and/or spa walls, floor, and steps*
  • Cleaning all skimmer baskets for pool and/or spa
  • Treating water with the necessary chemicals
  • Vacuuming dirt and leaves in pool*
  • Brushing tile inside pool and/or spa
  • Maintaining proper pool chemistry
  • Inspecting pool equipment

*Service performed as needed

For pool service, our rate is $34/week. For a pool & spa, it is $36.50/week. The price is pretty standard unless a pool is very large, has an excessive amount of debris around it or has extra features such as a fountain, vanishing edge, etc. The technician will be able to determine at the first visit if a pool would cost any more due to the additional time needed to keep the pool in excellent condition.

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